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Enjoy outdoor living all year round


When winter arrives, spending time outdoors and enjoying the fresh air can become challenging. Many people often resort to entertaining indoors or hibernating until Spring arrives, leaving their outdoor areas unused for several months of the year. But what if there was a practical and modern solution that allowed you to enjoy your outdoor space all year round, regardless of the weather?  

The addition of outdoor blinds transforms your deck or alfresco into a cosy and comfortable enclosed space, allowing you to embrace the beauty of winter without braving the harsh elements. Zipscreen presents a sleek and innovative solution designed to protect against a chilly winter breeze while retaining visibility and keeping dry, allowing you to entertain and enjoy your outdoor area at any time of year without the stress of unpredictable weather. For those extra cold nights or if you are looking to add that extra bit of warmth, a combination of blinds and outdoor heating provide the ultimate outdoor winter experience.