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Mastering Zipscreen Fabric Selection


Choosing the right fabric is essential when creating a comfortable and stylish outdoor living space with Zipscreen. However, with so many fabric options available, selecting the one that suits your needs can be overwhelming. In this guide, we cover the key considerations to help you make the optimal Zipscreen fabric choice.


Choose a fabric with high tensile strength and UV resistance to ensure durability against weather elements.

Sun Protection 

Opt for a high UV protection factor (UPF) fabric to shield against harmful sun rays.

Transparency and Visibility 

Decide on a level of fabric transparency that meets your preferred balance of visibility and privacy.

Colour and Design

Select a fabric that complements your outdoor design and colour scheme. Utilise our Zipscreen Visualiser to envision various fabric and hardware tones, helping you find the ideal combination that complements your space. 

Breathability and Ventilation

Prioritise fabrics that allow for adequate airflow to provide a comfortable environment.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Consider fabrics that are easy to clean and resistant to mildew.

Environmental Considerations

Explore eco-friendly options if sustainability is an important consideration.


As you can see, choosing the right Zipscreen fabric involves careful consideration of several factors. By taking the time to assess your requirements, you’ll be able to select a Zipscreen fabric that enhances both the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor space for years to come. 

Reach out to your local Zipscreen retailer to explore their fabric options.