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2020 led to behavioral changes on a global scale; the way we interact with people, and with the outside world in general, has shifted drastically. The continued quarantining of countries across the globe has created an undeniable dependency on outdoor living and outdoor dining as millions of people continue to be home-bound in an attempt mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The summer months of quarantine came with relative ease, as public reserves, and backyard get-togethers in the sun, served as a great escape for small groups to safely gather. With Vitamin D beaming from the summer sunshine, the small business economy saw a small recovery too. Partial reopening of outdoor entertainment areas and limited indoor seating was a heaven-sent solution to continue operating. For many countries, these glimpses of normalcy are still the extent of which their world has recovered.

However, as seasons change and the warm weather begins to subside, a now open-air dependent economy is in need of indoor-outdoor entertainment areas to keep their social-distancing guests comfortable through all the seasonal weather changes.

“Outdoor gatherings are safer than indoor ones, particularly if indoor spaces are small and without adequate outdoor air coming in.”
– The World Health Organisation

The increased demand for outdoor shading solutions like Zipscreen have become part of ‘new normal’ as home and business owners adapt to the advice given by governing bodies and health organisations. Incentives and grants have been sprinkled throughout global economies, that endorse the idea of renovating, extending, and shading outdoor areas to use as a safer option; both for homes and businesses.

All state governments across Australia will be introducing grants to support small and medium sized businesses move their dining experience outdoors, adapting to COVID safe operations. Grants are available to licensed and unlicensed hospitality businesses, including restaurants, cafes, pubs/taverns, bars, clubs, and takeaway food venues. Eligible businesses can apply for a grant (refer below links to government assisted packages in your local state) and funds can be used to pay for practical things like umbrellas, outdoor furniture, screens, and other equipment.

Other than creating more space, properly implementing outdoor shading systems can significantly increase natural ventilation through a home, allowing for better airflow and circulation, which is now more important than ever in creating a safe climate. As recommended by the CDC and WHO, using natural ventilation where possible helps prevent the spreading of viruses indoors.

“In general, being outdoors and in spaces with good ventilation reduces the risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19.”

There has never been a better time or more reason to update outdoor living spaces. The pandemic has presented the perfect opportunity for many to upgrade their entertainment areas and create a better-balanced indoor-outdoor environment as we continue to spend more time at home than ever before.
The need for more open spaces has shifted from being a luxury to a necessary amenity, providing many with a well-needed break from being confined within enclosed spaces. A well Sheltered, yet open-air space, creates a combination that can help both physical and mental health with more room to relax, recover and breathe.

“People have been spending more time at home, focusing on maximising living area space, realising Zipscreen is the solution that satisfies their needs in creating the perfect outdoor space, whether it be for relaxing, outdoor dining or entertaining.”
– Aidan Schofield, Product Manager, Rollease Acmeda.

Outdoor shades are helping battle the spread of COVID-19, whether it be in homes or businesses thanks to their ability to create perfect open-air spaces, without being as time consuming or expensive as extensive renovations. Products like Zipscreen deliver healthy airflow, smart technology and a design that can adapt to almost any space.

Zipscreens are zip-guided outdoor shades that block-out sun and glare while still allowing good airflow and privacy. Zipscreen has been bringing the outdoors-in and now more than ever the trusted shading systems have helped thousands around the world enhance their living spaces and create a more functional climate for years to come.

2020 (and now 2021) has been challenging to say the least, but as more people adopt the ‘new normal’, we can continue towards a healthier future with more space for guests, more privacy for family and most importantly, a proven way to slow the spread of viruses.

To find out more about how to apply for local government grants follow the links below:

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